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If you want to maximize your tax return start paying close attention to your deductions and exemptions. When you know the money you’ve earned and paid taxes on you can get a bigger tax return.

Consider making contributions to a 401K or retirement plan to save money for the future. Your contributions are pre-tax and help lower your taxable income.

Have a flexible spending account set aside for paying medical expenses. This account is pre-tax too and can lower your taxes.

Deduct all medical expenses paid on the previous year. If your medical expenses are above 10% of your gross income you might qualify for a deduction.

Contribute to charitable causes to get a tax deduction. This can increase your tax return amount. Keep the record of all your donations to itemize on a 1040 tax return.

If the filing a tax return is a complicated process for you consider visiting a professional tax preparer.

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Before you get into bodybuilding visit a doctor to know your overall health. Your doctor can let you know of any underlying medical conditions and which diets and training programs are the best.

Now, look at your current foods in the fridge and pantry room. If you want to transform your body you’ll need to take out the unhealthy foods.

Whether you want to lose weight or gain muscles you’ll need a balanced diet of healthy fats, carbs, and protein. Consider adding quinoa, whole grain bread, fish, nuts and protein powder.

Get your workout clothes and wireless headphones ready and decide if you want to build muscle or lose weight. Write your goals downs so you can have them clear in your mind.

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