tax refund

How to track your tax refund

These are some of the messages that appear in the tax return extract that can be accessed by the taxpayer via the internet. And to help decipher such information, we’ve listed the key situations that appear in the query.

  • Donations to government regulated funds may increase restitution, pensions can reduce withholding tax.
  • With planning, you can increase refunds or reduce retention
  • Stay tuned to the value of the stated. See five tips to get away from the fine mesh
  • Alert recipe so that when the letter is received, the taxpayer does not access the electronic address indicated in the correspondence which are the most common errors
  • In processing the declaration was received, but processing has not yet completed.


Understand how your tax refunds work

Queued refund indicates that the document has been processed and that the taxpayer is entitled to restitution, but the amount has not yet been made available on the banking network. In order to receive the refund, the taxpayer can not have debts pending at the Federal Revenue Service or at the Attorney General of the National Treasury. It is always a good idea to contact if you have any doubts after reading the details below.


Processed the declaration was received and had its processing completed. This, however, does not mean that the result has been approved and may be revised over a period of up to five years.

Pending indicates that during the processing of the declaration were pending in relation to some information and that the taxpayer must regularize them.

Under analysis, the statement was received, is in the Revenue database, which awaits the submission of documents requested in a subpoena sent to the taxpayer. Another possibility is that the statement has not yet been processed as expected from the end of the analysis of documents submitted by the taxpayer.

Rectified indicates that the previous declaration was replaced in its entirety by a rectifying statement submitted by the taxpayer.

Canceled: the declaration was canceled due to the interest of the tax administration or the taxpayer’s request.

Manual treatment: the statement is being analyzed and the taxpayer must wait for correspondence from the Revenue.

How to check if your statement has been released

To find out if your tax refunds have been released, simply go to the Internet Revenue page and inform your personal information and the year of the statement you wish to consult.


The page will tell you if your refund will be released in the next batch or if the statement is still in the government’s database, which means that your refund should stay for the next batch.

The taxpayer can also check to see if the tax refund will be released by calling or by accessing the Revenue app for tablets and smartphones (available for iOs and Android).

The refund will be available in the bank for one year. If the taxpayer does not make the redemption within that period, he or she must request it through the internet, through Electronic Form – Request for Payment of Restitution, or directly in the web portal. Need any help? Visit: